Deian (Dan) Kazachki

Dan; Deian

Dan is licensed as an attorney in the states of California and Washington. He is also admitted to practice in the Central and Southern Federal Districts of California, as well as the Northern District of Texas.


After moving to the US as a teenager, Dan obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture in 1998 and spent the next decade working as an intern, project manager and finally project architect in design and construction. He is LEED AP BD+C accredited by the US Green Building Council and Certified Construction Contract Administrator certified by the Construction Specifications Institute. Dan continues to be very involved with architecture and construction and maintains his California and Texas architecture licenses and other credentials. Dan is also a licensed real estate broker in California.


While working full-time in construction Dan graduated from law school in 2006 and then spent the next two years earning a graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Dan is a certified mediator and family mediator in Texas and has participated in hundreds of disputes, both as the mediator and arbitrator, as well as a party representative. Dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and mediation are often used in the practice of law and must be an integral tool of each attorney’s toolbox. Dan was recognized by the Dallas BBB for his efforts as a construction arbitrator. Dan is currently serving as a Daily Settlement Officer both at the Whittier and Long Beach Courthouses where he is focused on assisting parties with resolving their family law cases.


Dan enjoys chess and tennis, is fully bilingual in Bulgarian and English.


Can be reached at [email protected] or extension 402.

Asmina Symonyan

Asmina is our Senior Case Manager. She is experienced in case types such as civil, probate, and unlawful detainer. Asmina is a licensed attorney in a foreign jurisdiction and has a Ph.D. in Law. She is an avid reader, is passionate about researching and learning new subjects, and enjoys working with others. She continuously educates herself and the firm’s newest members. She attended a 4-day immigration law seminar in 2018, several bankruptcy seminars in 2019, as well as several lectures such as the probate lecture offered by attorney Paul Horn. She earned Arbat’s Team Member of the Year award in 2019.


Asmina practices yoga and loves to travel to exotic destinations, is fully bilingual in Russian and English. She can be reached at [email protected] . Currently Asmina is taking a long sabbatical to explore her artistic side, taking acting classes and learning about theater.

Alex Cullen

Image of Alex

Alex has a degree in linguistics and bring a diverse background in bookkeeping, sales, management, and technology. He is one of our original team members. He participated in our Team Building in Varna in 2017 and in Havana in 2018.


He is responsible for many of the back office processes such as bookkeeping and invoicing. He earned Arbat’s Team Member of the Year award in 2018.


Alex enjoys swimming, hiking, and weightlifting. He is fluent in English, Polish and Russian.


He can be reached at [email protected] .

Leti Cosio

Leti has a degree in psychology and has worked in the clinical and industrial areas. For the last ten years human resources, customer service, and recruitment have been her passion. She has coordinated multidisciplinary teams and projects for more than four years.

Leti is strengthening the human resources area to provide a great experience for the Arbat family and our clients. She is always looking for ways to improve and teach others what she knows, she is a goal-oriented, driven, and a team player. 

Leti enjoys yoga, baking and amateur photography, is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Can be reached at [email protected] or extension 404.

Milena Goranova

Image of Milena

Milena has a master’s degree in law and is a licensed attorney in a foreign jurisdiction. She is experienced in intake, legal research, and trial preparation. She has attended various seminars related to procurement and commercial law, as well as administrative trials. She is a dedicated professional always trying to combine legal knowledge with out-of-the-box thinking.

Milena likes hiking, reading books and traveling, and is fully bilingual in Bulgarian and English.

Can be reached at [email protected] or extension 406.

Celeste Selser

Image of Celeste

Celeste comes with previous experience working in the administrative and marketing area, as well as coordinating a team of attorneys, their agenda and reviewing cases updates. While pursuing a university degree in graphic design Celeste has been helping Arbat to develop and execute marketing campaigns from conceptualization of a corporate identity trough visual elements. She also, manages public relations activities and communications for the firm. 

Celest is passionate about her work and a team player, enjoys drawing, painting and traveling, and is fluent in Spanish and English. She can be reached at [email protected].


Rodrigo is a licensed attorney in a foreign jurisdiction and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in tax and financial law. He is experienced in legal research, trial preparation and debt collection. He has attended various seminars related to international tax law, as well as administrative trials. He is a dedicated professional who is always trying to reach satisfactory solutions for his clients.

Rodrigo likes cycling, watching old movies, and cooking, and is bilingual in Spanish and English. He can be reached at [email protected] or extension 406.


Yuliia is mostly involved in Probate, Trust, and Conservatorship cases. She has a passion for alternative dispute resolution like negotiation, mediation, or conciliation.

She completed a nine-month internship in Malaga, Spain, specializing in lending, real estate, start-ups, and taxation. Her previous experience in PR and project management comes in handy when assisting in business development and cooperation with other companies.

She is well known as a studious person. In addition to her regular university lectures, she attended presentations by many guest speakers, professors from EU, UN, and the USA. During her master’s degree in International and EU law, she participated in the Erasmus Exchange in Milan, Italy. There fashion and art captivated her imagination. She is always open to new knowledge and experience.

In the past she has participated in various NGO activities such as Law Student Association and Debate Club.

 Yuliia loves dance and education and is fluent in Russian, English and Ukrainian.

She can be reached at [email protected] .


Anna works part-time while pursuing a university degree in statistics. When in the office she is responsible for our mailroom, running errands, purchasing supplies, making deliveries, filing, and archiving. When working remotely she answers the phone, keeps our case files and libraries organized in the cloud, and supports the more experienced Team Members while learning from them.

The majority of Arbat´s team members have been working remotely for many years. Arbat has been practicing remotely working since its inception and Dan has experience leading remote teams for more than five years.